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[sticky post] Introduction Post..

Hello to anyone who stumbled upon my Journal..Warm welcome to all of you.This a very late Introduction post.I just realized that i still didn't introduced myself in LJ to anyone.So today,i decided to make this entry^^
    You can call me Anna..I'm 22 year old(will be 23 in 3 months^^).
   My fandom is mainly HSJ and Arashi..Yes i'm an Arashian too.I just recently got into Arashi.I don't write about Arashi because i still don't know much about this group.I like to complete my homework before writing anything^^..
  I'm a Huge fan of JUMP.I really really love JUMP mostly because it's the only group who can be cute,mature and cool..I don't find a single group who has all these qualities.Plus i love JUMP songs.Especially Ballads..Jump Ballads are heaven for me..
    Since i got know JUMP through Ryosuke Yamada,so He is my ichiban.And i love Ryosuke's voice.He's in my top3 best singers in JUMP.My niban is Chinen just because he's so cute.My sanban are Dai chan and Yabu..I can't choose one of them.I love both.The rest...I'll tell you another time:)
    OTP....Hmmm...Firstly i should tell you that me shipping any 2 members means i love their friendship.Yep,i like to ship those who are obviously great friends.I really like yamachi,Ariyama and Yamakeito.(Add Yabuhika too.Their friendship is so pure^^)...
     I'm not a proffesional subber but i can do timing/typesetting pretty fast(i'm proud of it^^) My japanese skills are only 10%.so i don't know much japanese.My level is intermediate...I can understand general theme but not exact sentence:( I'll try to learn more*_*)
   You will mostly find my reviews and personal thoughts on singles,albums and drama/movies.I hope you all know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS means...I'm not a critic nor am i actor or singer.I just tell what i feel about it.So just take my reviews lightly.I'm not here to offend anyone.
   I might post subs too..Only those subs in which i'll collaborate with others.My posts are not locked and i hope it remains that way(sorry,i locked them now:(  )
   I add all people back.If i don't add you,it means LJ didn't notify me about it..So I hope you can drop a comment down below.Besides it's interesting to know about each other.I love to interact^^...

Edited: As from March 6th,2017,all of my entries are locked..I add all people back as long as i know they are JE or Jdrama fans..LJ mostly don't notify me about  friends adding me,so i appreciate if you leave a comment below.

Cain and Abel english subs from episode 4 to 10.
Nakajima Yuto in Mereungi No Kimochi.
Tokio Kakeru Nakajima Yuto and Endou Kenichi as Guests...English Subbed
More subs coming soon~~